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Friday, September 22, 2006


Selectmen consider whether town should sell unused land

Sandy Zinke of Concord Street came before the Board of Selectmen on September 12 with a request to purchase 0.64 of an acre of town land. The parcel (Map 4 Lot 2A) is mostly water as part of the pond visible on the east side of Concord Street. The town has owned the small parcel since the property was taken from a previous owner for non-payment of taxes. Zinke wants to make the town an offer for the land to "round out" his approximately ten-acre lot, he said.

The Selectmen previously asked the Planning Board and the Conservation Commission for their opinions on selling the land. At issue is 148 feet of road frontage on Concord Street, the only town legal access to the pond for people fishing or ice skating. Though the town could sell the land with a public easement for its use, the Planning Board is concerned that with extra road frontage added to the property, there is more of a potential for a subdivision.

Selectman Doug Stevenson said he would like to see the town make something on the land, though he acknowledged the Planning Board's concern about the potential value of the land to a developer, with more road frontage added.

Selectman John Williams said he had concerns about the land's potential development and though not opposed to the request, he wanted more information. Zinke was referred to meet with the Planning Board for further discussion.

Town Administrator Madonna McKenzie pointed out another consideration — in order to sell town land there has to be a bidding process, and Town Meeting needs to vote on a land sale.

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