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Friday, September 22, 2006


Police douse bonfire at Bog drinking party

There are 11 Concord-Carlisle High School (CCHS) students who probably wish they had chosen to go to the school dance last Friday night, September 15, instead of electing to party with beer and a bonfire at the Carlisle Cranberry Bog. Unfortunately for the eight boys and three girls who had prepared for the evening with two 30-pack containers of beer and a supply of rum, Carlisle Police officers Paul Smith, Ron Holsinger and Andy Booth were on patrol on Curve Street at 10:30 p.m., saw the cars and the bonfire and investigated the situation. The officers cited all 11 present for being minors in possession of alcohol and for trespassing on posted property, since the Bog is closed for public use at sunset. One juvenile, a Carlisle resident, was also arrested for running from the scene and was brought to the station to be picked up by his parents; the others will be summonsed and were held at the scene until picked up by their parents, who were contacted by the three officers and advised that the court will be handling the matter. Incidentally, the youths were required to clean up the area before leaving.

Lieutenant Leo Crowe said there is "zero tolerance" for this kind of activity in Carlisle. He said an incident occurred in the State Park earlier in the summer, but no Carlisle residents were involved. Two of the 11 youths were from Carlisle and the remaining CCHS students were from Concord. All were under age17.

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