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Friday, September 22, 2006


Planning Board previews 21-lot Wilkins Hill subdivision plan

At eh September 13 Planning Board meeting, Planning Administrator George Mansfield reviewed a draft of a plan that he told the board was "the largest development you've seen since Tall Pines." The plan is for an application that has not yet been submitted to the Planning Board but is expected to be received soon. The Wilkins Hill development will be submitted as an ANR (Approval Not Required) under the state Subdivision Control Law, which allows landowners to create building lots, given enough frontage, without being required to go through the usual subdivision approval process. The proposed development consists of 21 lots on approximately 130 acres bordering Westford Street, Curve Street and Virginia Farme. All of the lots are either two-acre lots with 250 feet of frontage or four-acre lots with 40 feet of frontage. The plan contains 63 acres that are not included in the building lots because they do not have legal frontage. The land has been owned by Grant Wilson and the applicant is WH Realty LLC, Douglas Edwards, and Gormley Nominee Trust.

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