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Friday, September 22, 2006


Deval Patrick wins big in Carlisle

In Tuesday's State Primary Election in Carlisle, 1,005, or 30% of registered voters, made their way to Town Hall to cast 931 votes on the Democratic ballot and 74 on the Republican ballot. The big winner was Democratic candidate for governor Deval Patrick, with 646 votes, 69% of the Democratic ballots cast. Chris Gabrieli came in second with 219 votes, or 24%, and Tom Reilly a distant third with 64 votes, or 7%. In the close race for Lt. Governor on the Democratic ticket, Timothy Murray, mayor of Worcester, was the winner. In the state primary election four years ago, 756 Democrats and 467 Republicans voted, 47% of registered voters. (See table, page 16)

In other contested races on the Democratic ticket, William Galvin defeated John Bonifaz 600 to 180 for Secretary of State and Michael Sullivan defeated Bruce Desmond 479 to 127 for Clerk of Courts. On the Republican ticket, Kenneth Chase defeated Kevin Scott 31 to 29 for the privilege of running against Ted Kennedy for Senator.

Voting officials reported a steady stream of voters throughout the day in the Clark Room. New Election Warden Eva Herndon and Deputy Election Warden Kerri Piette were in charge for the first time, after the retirement of longtime Warden Harriet Fortier. Poll workers included 14 poll workers during the day with 15 added counters in the evening. Things ran smoothly while the polls were open except when the revered wooden ballot box jammed and it took six minutes for Herndon to get a replacement. Later in the day, when one voter saw a different box, she exclaimed, "You mean we have to vote in a metal ballot box!"

Finally, close to 8 o'clock when the polls were about to close and the ballot box registered 999, Donna MacMullen arrived to cast vote 1,000, followed by a round of applause from the waiting ballot counters.

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