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Friday, September 22, 2006

D.O.A. or "dead on arrival"

To the Editor:

Ken Harte's letter ["Benfield Plan B is 'dead on arrival,'" Mosquito, September 15, page 17] is compelling reading. However final deed restrictions have not been filed. It may be possible to change use and restrictions with Town Meeting vote.

I am an abutter, Task Force member, Selectman and, most importantly, a taxpayer not interested in squandering people's money hastily.

Alan Carpenito
South Street

Carlisle has a tradition of civil discourse

To the Editor:

As mentioned in last week's editorial, the members of the Board of Selectmen and School Committee received an anonymous mailing. A plain envelope contained derogatory remarks about a town employee. There was no indication given as to who or what group was responsible for this mailing. Subsequently, we have been informed that this message has been seen in several places.

First, let me say that every citizen has the legal right to express themselves freely in the manner in which they choose. What I strongly believe, however, is that this type of dialogue is not in keeping with the spirit of civil public discourse that we have traditionally enjoyed in Carlisle. I also believe it is not in keeping with two of the core values that we have established within our school, civility and respect for others. Allowing our public discourse to sink to anonymous negative messaging is the wrong lesson for our children.

A healthy dialogue relating to the quality of our school system is very important. We enjoy excellent schools and such excellence is central to our community. I believe every parent should feel free to express constructive opinions on how to improve and maintain our schools. The proper channel for this dialogue is direct open communication with the School Committee and the administration. I expect that we all will strive to maintain a civil level of discourse as we address concerns that we might have. It is our tradition.

Timothy Hult

Audubon Lane

For the Board of Selectmen

Mosquito coverage irresponsible

To the Editor:

We are writing to express our displeasure with the accuracy of the reporting and the content of the article entitled "Carlisle School remains subject of debate" which appeared in last week's Mosquito. We were all in attendance at the meeting which occurred on September 12 and agree with the comments made by Kelly Driscoll that "...the parents are not forming an action group" as this was discussed on several occasions at the meeting. We find it disheartening that in the very next paragraph there is a statement that was allegedly "...agreed on by the gathering" which we saw for the very first time when we opened the Mosquito on September 15. Ms. Driscoll asserts that such agreement was reached by the group when she herself made it very clear that there was no group to begin with. We find it irresponsible for this information to be printed without taking the time to ensure that those allegedly agreeing to this position had even seen the statement, let alone agreed with it.

Hal Charnley, Kimball Road
Catherine Fink, Daniels Lane
Peg Gladstone, Curve Street

CSA thanks Fall Luncheon volunteers

To the Editor:

The annual Fall CSA luncheon was held this Tuesday, September 19, to honor the outstanding work of the Carlisle Public School's teachers and staff.

The spring and fall luncheons have become a wonderful tradition, with the parent community generously donating their time and efforts. This fall was no different. We had many delicious main dishes, delectable salads and side dishes, and a wonderful array of desserts. We would like to thank all of the contributors for their commitment to make this event a success. We also offer special thanks to those who helped set up, decorate, serve and clean up the dining area. In addition,we would like to acknowledge the efforts of Andi Gettys, Kelly Driscoll and Elizabeth Acquaviva for their help and guidance.

If you have not yet picked up your serving pieces, pleasecontact Seema Peterson at1-978-369-3288 or at

Suzanne Sweet, Aberdeen Drive
Seema Peterson, Davis Road
CSA Luncheon Coordinators

Parents never agreed to a "statement"

To the Editor:

This letter constitutes my opinions.I am not representing any other individuals or any group of individuals.While I have not been exposed to all of the information regarding how our school is being run, I have spent the past few months gathering information, listening to other people's concerns and attending several meetings, both formal and informal.The one thing I have learned is there are a diverse set of opinions regarding the school system. It was reported in the Mosquito in an article entitled "Carlisle School remains subject of debate" that an informal meeting occurred of parents was convened to discuss their opinions of the school.That information is accurate.At this meeting it was expressly stated "We are not a group."That information is accurate.It was reported that "A statement agreed on by the gatheringhad been developed."That information is inaccurate.I was at that meeting and we never agreed to "a statement." The newspaper should do a better job of checking the facts before printing statements that represent a group of people.There is a disagreement on the path our educational process has been on for the past two years and an open debate of the issues is a good thing.We need to be very careful with how these debates are reported. I want our children to receive the best education possible and the best way I know how to help is to get involved, share your ideas, and become part of the solution.

David Scheinberg
Curve Street

Farmers Market praised

To the Editor:

I just finished a lovely meal — most of which was grown in Carlisle thanks to the Farmers Market contributions. I would like to thank all the fabulous farmers and participants who make the Farmers Market a really fun place to stop by on Saturdays. There is something special about the amount of healthy produce displayed each Saturday and amazingly — most of it is grown without the use of any chemicals. Organic and natural is my way of life and I'm thrilled I can find such safe and healthy foods in my own town. My only concern is that I can't always purchase something from every booth each time I visit the market — you are all fabulous! I hope we continue this tradition for years to come.

Judy Asarkof
River Road

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