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Friday, September 22, 2006

SIGNS OF ELECTION DAY. Candidate supporters stand by the driveway to Town Hall. Pictured are (left to right) Marlene Fine, Bob Wallhagen and Jesse Tobin. (Photo by Mike Quayle
Appearing before Selectmen at their meeting last week, Recreation Commission Chair Allen Deary said the group received helpful feedback from residents and town boards since plans to add three new playing fields at Banta-Davis failed by just 11 votes during last spring's election. ...more

Omnipoint Communications, Inc. (a subsidiary of T-Mobile USA, Inc.) came before the Carlisle Planning Board on September 13 to request a special permit and site plan approval to install, operate and maintain a cellular antenna in an existing tower at 871 Bedford Road. The application is for the installation of cellular equipment, noted Chair David ...more


Autumn arrives tomorrow, Saturday, September 23

In Tuesday's State Primary Election in Carlisle, 1,005, or 30% of registered voters, made their way to Town Hall to cast 931 votes on the Democratic ballot and 74 on the Republican ballot. The big winner was Democratic candidate for governor Deval Patrick, with 646 votes, 69% of the Democratic ballots cast. Chris Gabrieli came in second with 219 votes, or ...more

A majority of the Benfield Task Force recommends a modified Plan B, moving the planned location for a 26-unit affordable housing development from the interior of the Benfield Land (Area 2 on the map, page 5), to Area 1, along South Street. The Task Force hopes to present the new plans to the Board of Selectmen at their September 26 meeting with the hope that ...more

At eh September 13 Planning Board meeting, Planning Administrator George Mansfield reviewed a draft of a plan that he told the board was "the largest development you've seen since Tall Pines." The plan is for an application that has not yet been submitted to the Planning Board but is expected to be received soon. The Wilkins Hill development ...more

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