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Friday, September 15, 2006


Since 1995 the Atlantic hurricane season has been classified as "above average" in activity. In 2005 over 25 named storms developed, 13 became hurricanes, with six of those slamming into the southern United States. While viewing the damage left by Katrina and Rita, it is comforting to know that few strong hurricanes reach Carlisle. As with this week's ...more

On August 16, I was walking on the East Farm Trail of Great Brook Farm State Park, and had crossed the gas pipeline into Chelmsford where Great Brook leaves Carlisle. There is a large wetland there, where I like to check for birds. At 1:30 p.m. I saw a reddish-brown "bird" flying over the wetlands, which at first I thought was a Wood Thrush, but ...more

Rather a strange growing season, don't you think? Too much rain in May and June, but then a judicious series of thunderstorms kept the surviving plants quite happy. It was a funny mix of good news and bad news stories for Carlisle gardeners. How did your gardens like this past season? ...more

The "Earth and Sky" exhibit currently showing at the Gleason Library through October 28 features the paintings of Terry Durell and Sally Hall. The two artists are close friends and have much in common, including the fact that both women rent studio space at the Highland Building. Nonetheless, their art, while compatible, takes a very diverse view ...more

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