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Friday, September 15, 2006


How to bear with the bears

This visitor to a Curve Street residence found a comforable perch at the end of the driveway. (Photo by Liz Jewell)


Anyone sighting or having contact with a Black Bear in Carlisle is encouraged to call the Carlisle Police Department at 1-978-369-1155. If the bear is posing a danger, a call to 911 is warranted. The Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game advises that Black Bear populations in Massachusetts are on the rise and Black Bear sightings in Carlisle will continue to increase. Bear sightings increase around late August and September, which is denning time. The Department of Fish and Game web site (access through has information on the Black Bear and a "Living with Wildlife" information series.

Homeowners are encouraged to take a few steps to prevent Black Bear damage to their property:

1. Take down bird feeders from April 1 until late November or early December.

2. Do not leave pet food outside.

3. Secure trash in closed containers.

4. Do not place meat scraps, fruit remnants or sweet materials in compost piles.

5. Electric fences may be used to protect bee hives, crops and orchards.

There is no hunting season for Black Bear in our zone. However, a property owner may destroy a bear caught in the act of damaging agricultural means. If this should occur, it must be reported immediately to Massachusetts Wildlife, a division of the Department of Fish and Game, at 1-978-263-4347.

If a Black Bear is treed or otherwise confined, contact the Carlisle Police Department immediately. The Massachusetts Environmental Police and Mass. Wildlife have a Large Animal Reponse Team that can be activated in these situations. Any questions about Black Bears or other wildlife problems can be directed to Sergeant Cardonne at the Carlisle Police Department.

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