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Friday, September 15, 2006


Shorts from the Board of Health, September 29

13-56 Page Brook Road. The Board of Health decided unanimously to deny a request for a waiver to the setback distance to wetlands in order to allow for new construction at 13-56 Page Brook Road. Landowner Richard Buck requested a waiver to the required 100-foot setback from his septic system to wetlands.

Neighbors and abutters to the property have voiced their opposition to the plan as it has traveled from board to board. Most were concerned about the potential impact of the septic system on their wells and wetlands, especially if a reduced setback distance were to be approved. In addition, neighbors had pointed out that the lot had been deemed "unbuildable" in the past and had been assessed at a much lower tax rate for up to 25 years.

Additionally, the Board of Health has a policy of not granting waivers for new construction, only issuing them when an existing system has failed and must be replaced. While the applicant had offered to install a Microfast system to try to offset the reduced setback request, the board did not agree with the applicant's contention that it would be "manifestly unjust" for the board to deny the waiver.

21-23 Bedford Road. Peter and Laura Chelton met with the BOH to discuss the renovations they would like to make to the house they purchased last year located on one-half acre near the town center. There was some question about how many rooms and bedrooms the house has and whether any renovations could be supported by the existing four-bedroom septic system. The owners said that they want to reduce the rooms from 18 to 16 including six bedrooms.

Neighbor Todd Arnow of 11 East Street expressed his concern about the water and health issues that already exist in the town center (his property has been affected by the MTBE contamination from the gasoline tank leak at the former Daisy's gas station). He said that he was concerned about the potential of expanding a septic system on one-half acre given existing water problems in town.

Because there is no plan of record for the septic system on the Cheltons' property, board members asked them to have an engineer conduct a field inspection to determine the size and capacity of the leach field so the BOH can evaluate if it will support the number of bedrooms planned. In addition, it was decided that the actual number of rooms would be determined by a BOH walk-through.

43 Rockland Road. The board decided to approve a deed restriction limiting the home owned by Jeff Freeman to be consistent with the three-bedroom septic on the non-conforming lot on 43 Rockland Road.

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