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Friday, September 15, 2006


Shorts from the Board of Health, September 12

• Coventry Woods Discussion. On Tuesday, September 12, members of the Carlisle Board of Health (BOH) discussed water testing and impacts protocol related to the residential wells of abutters to the proposed 21-acre 40B Coventry Woods development on Concord Street. Developer Mark O'Hagan has agreed to test eight abutters' wells (up from the DEP recommendation of only three) to try to determine if construction of the 41-unit development would adversely effect the quality and/or quantity of water in neighboring wells.

Most discussion centered on questions about how acceptable criteria can be established to determine potential impacts to the water supply wells of abutting property owners which might be caused by the project. Abutters present noted that both their and the developer's engineers agree that there are currently no standards to determine when a well has been impacted, and looked to the BOH for guidance. Board members agreed to investigate the issue, seeking input from the EPA and DEP, and to provide an updated letter of conditions before the ZBA's next meeting on September 25.

Daisy's Gas Station Cleanup. A discussion between the BOH and town counsel was directed toward determining the potential liability of the town if the BOH decided to monitor and maintain the wells of abutters to the former Daisy's Station gasoline (and MBTE) contamination in the town center. Attorney Dan Deutsch discussed some of the risks if the town is involved in residential well monitoring, but noted that he thinks it is a limited liability. Some board members expressed their opinion that the town should not be involved, in part because of the potential for other environmental problems occurring in the future that may or may not be the responsibility of the town but could be viewed as a town liability because of the Daisy's precedent.

For information on the August 28 meeting, see page 10.

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