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Friday, September 15, 2006


Way cleared for Mosquito to relocate in town

Everyone needs a home, a place to call their own and the town newspaper, the Carlisle Mosquito, is no different. According to Mosquito General Manager Susan Emmons, the paper is seeking an office space with a long-term lease. The current office on Westford Street, where the Mosquito has done business for the past seven years, will not be available for continued long-term use.

Board Members of Carlisle Communications Inc. (CCI), the non-profit organization which publishes the Mosquito, and property owner Bryan Sorrows appeared before the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) on September 7 to request a special permit for the operation of the newspaper office in the garage at 662 Bedford Road. This is the same garage that was in previous years operated as Dave's Auto Repair and later by Don L'Heureux as Carlisle Repair for several years, and was recently purchased by Bryan Sorrows of Litchfield Drive.

Wasting no time, ZBA Acting Chair Ed Rolfe informed the five members of the corporation who attended the meeting that they are a non-profit educational organization and can, by right, operate out of the garage or any other residential location. Rolfe instructed the applicants to check with the Planning Administrator George Mansfield and Building Inspector Bob Koning for further requirements. Both of these officials told the applicants that it might be necessary to file a Site Plan Review.

Sorrows and members of the CCI board were at the Board of Selectmen's meeting on Tuesday to request that they not be required to file a Site Plan Review for the proposed Bedford Road office. Sorrows and CCI Board member Mary Hult explained that the Mosquito office has regular hours only three days a week and that there is ample parking on the site. Noting also that abutters had already been notified for the ZBA hearing and that the intended new use was a less-intense usage than an auto repair business, the Selectmen stated that under the zoning bylaws CCI was not required to file a Site Plan review and voted unanimously to approve their request.

Now the hard work begins of converting an auto repair garage into a high-tech media office space.

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