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Friday, September 15, 2006


Historical Commission approves Center Park, hears plans for historic house

The 18th-century house and barn at 21-23 Bedford Road was described as a "grand old lady" by her new owners. Now the grand old lady needs an extreme makeover. The large, two-family house has long been vacant and was purchased last October by Laura and Peter Chelton of North Road. The Cheltons, with their architect Holly Cratsley, appeared in a public hearing before the Carlisle Historical Commission on August 29 with their plans to renovate the house and create two separate living areas, one for the Chelton family and the other for Laura Chelton's parents. The barn would be turned into living space and a shed that is "about to fall over" would be removed.

The architect brought a scale model of the extensive proposed renovations. Many of the structural changes would be made to the back of the property, without significantly altering the look of the Bedford Road side. A two-car garage is proposed for the back of the barn.

Discussion with the board centered on windows, siding, materials and colors. The Cheltons said they are anxious to proceed quickly, since the structure is "unsound," and they fear that another storm will further weaken it.

Despite the thoroughness of the presentation, the Commission required further details because of the extent of the renovation, and the hearing was continued to September 26.

Center Park plan accepted

Sabrina Perry, chair of the Carlisle Center Park project, returned to the Historical Commission once again with revisions to previous plans for upgrading the town-owned Center Park, next to Ferns' garage. Specifically, Perry proposed paving the small parking lot with Roma Pack and installing four old granite posts connected to a timber fence to mark entrances to the park and parking lot. In addition, she proposed that signage for the park would appear on two of the granite posts, reading "Town of Carlisle" on one and "Center Park" on another. Three granite benches will be placed within the park and may be inscribed (cut and sandblasted) on the surface at one end to memorialize or honor an individual. A simple dedication statement and date on a plaque or inscribed on a rock will be placed inside the park.

The Commission accepted the plans, with minor amendments.

Signs in the center

In other matters, the Commission approved a hanging sign for Stewart Design Group at 7A School Street, after Cathleen Stewart's second appearance before the board.

Ian Sampson, who plans to operate a furniture shop in the barn at 43 Bedford Road, came to the Commission with preliminary plans for a sign to be attached to the barn and another to be hung from a yardarm. Advising that the sign must "blend with the surroundings" and that its scale must be appropriate, the Commission asked Sampson to return with dimensions and materials.

The Historical Commission's next meeting is scheduled for September 26 at 7:30 p.m. in Town Hall.

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