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Friday, September 1, 2006


Deer hunting at Great Meadows starts October 16

For the second year, deer and waterfowl hunting will be allowed on the Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) land in Carlisle. Other upland game, woodcock and turkey hunting is prohibited. Permits are required, and will be assigned by lottery. Hunting will be allowed in approximately the same areas as last year (see map below).

Archery is the only method allowed for deer hunting on the refuge. However, archery will be allowed not only during the regular archery season but also during the times normally reserved for shotgun and muzzleloader deer hunting, extending the deer hunting season from October 16 through December 30.

Waterfowl may be hunted along the Concord River. Michael Dixon, Visitor Services Manager for the Eastern Massachusetts NWR Complex, said that dates for waterfowl hunting were not yet available, but would soon be posted at:

Hunters are required to observe a 150-foot safety zone away from public roads and a 500-foot safety zone around houses. Hunters are not supposed to access the refuge from Carlisle's town-owned conservation lands.

Great Meadows NWR includes 3,863 acres (85% wetlands) along the Concord and Sudbury Rivers, most of which lies outside of Carlisle. Overall, about 2,280 acres will be open to deer hunting and 334 acres will be available for waterfowl hunting. No hunting will be permitted on Great Meadows land south of Route 225 in Bedford or anywhere in Concord.

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