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Friday, August 25, 2006


Shorts from the Board of Health meeting, July 18

One River Road. Property manager Chip Orcutt and engineer Russ Wilson met with the Board of Health (BOH) on Tuesday, July 18, to discuss whether the One River Road project is adhering to the conditions of a septic permit previously granted by the BOH. The board was notified by abutter Dana Booth that some trees that were intended for screening had been removed. The board ordered that work on the property be stopped until the issue could be resolved.

Orcutt told the board that it was necessary to remove the trees because their roots were interfering with the construction of a retaining wall on the property. The board accepted Orcutt's explanation, allowing work on the property to resume, and Orcutt agreed to adhere to careful plans for screening to complete the project. The board also accepted the boundary of the property line as presented by engineer Wilson.

13-56 Page Brook Road. Many issues have been raised regarding the requested waiver to the setback distance to wetlands in order to allow for new construction at 13-56 Page Brook Road. However, the BOH first sought clarification of the legal title of the lot (or lots) owned by Richard Buck. If the parcel pre-dates BOH regulations it will be "grandfathered" and will not be required to meet the 100-foot setback. If the parcel is subject to current regulations, then the applicant will have to prove that it would be "manifestly unjust" for a waiver not to be granted. The board agreed to continue this public hearing to its next meeting on August 29, when it asked the applicant to show clear legal title of the parcel.

985 North Road. Board members agreed to issue a six-bedroom septic permit that reflects the actual capacity of the existing septic system at Minzi Ruan's home on 985 North Road. Ruan is planning to add a family room to her home.

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