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Friday, August 25, 2006


Repairs started for dam near Cranberry Bog

This Wednesday morning the Chelmsford DPW began repairs to a dam upstream from the Carlisle Cranberry Bog. The old dam, or weir, had been patched temporarily at the end of June, after water broke through (see Dam fails, flooding Cranberry Bog, Mosquito, June 30.)

David McLachlan, Chair of the Chelmsford Conservation Commission (ConsCom), said the work is expected to take two or three days to complete. A new culvert and flume will be installed, and rip rap, earth and other material will be added so that people and horses can cross the structure. Cranberry farmer Mark Duffy willl be able to adjust boards to control the water level behind the dam.

Phase 2

Later on, some trees that are growing on the dam will be removed along the Carlisle side of the new culvert, including one particularly large, dead pine. They plan to leave two to three-foot stumps, to discourage unauthorized vehicles such as snow mobiles or all-terrain-vehicles from driving over the dam.

Phase 3

McLachlan said they will apply this fall for Chelmsford CPA funds to help cover the expenses, estimated to cost about $5,000, not counting the labor supplied by the DPW. The application would also include phase three of the project: to expand and improve the Elm Street parking area. They also hope to add a sign showing a map of the trails, similar to one that exists on the Carlisle Cranberry Bog property.

An "X" marks the approximate location of the dam. (Map prepared by Hal Shneider)

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