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Friday, August 25, 2006


Bear caught on camera

(Photo by Barret Easton)

Bonnie Ford writes that a bear "enjoyed alfresco dining at the Easton residence on Pinebrook Road on at least three occasions since July 15, each time consuming several pounds of black oil sunflower seeds and leaving quite a mess of broken birdfeeders in his wake. No one had caught him in the act, however." Until August 12, near dusk, when this black bear was spotted in the yard. Ford, a friend of the Eastons, described the encounter:"The bear didn't seem terribly afraid of us, just somewhat wary, retreating a bit into the foliage. He or she eventually tired of the paparazzi, though,and lumbered off, down the path between the ferns, over the little bridge, and into the woods, leaving the birdfeeders unscathed, at least for tonight." See also photo on the front page of this issue, and a letter by Teresa Dwyer.

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