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Friday, August 4, 2006


Larry Sorli relinquished his seat as chair of the Historical Commission on July 25 when the board considered a proposal submitted by EBI Consulting to place an 80-foot monopole-type telecommunications facility (cell tower) on the Sorli farm at 1022 Westford Street. T-Mobile and three other telecommunications providers would share the facility. ...more

Carlisle's first cell tower will soon stand on the Anderegg property off Bedford Road. Gretchen Anderegg said that construction is underway, and she expects it will be complete "in a couple weeks." She said a company from Rhode Island called Bay Communication is building a tower slightly less than 190 feet tall. Anderegg said that Cingular will be ...more

As members and interested observers emerged from the first meeting of the re-constituted Benfield Task Force on July 25, the word that remained in their minds had to be "constraints." This had not been the case back in 2004 when the Town Meeting endorsed purchase of the 45-acre Benfield Parcel A for purposes of conservation, affordable housing and ...more

At the July 11 Concord-Carlisle Regional School Committee (RSC) meeting, representatives from Concord's town government and Concord's Recreation Department presented a plan for building three new playing fields on high school grounds. Carlisle may be asked to share the cost of the fields, but first the RSC must decide whether the proposed location will be ...more

A Special Town Meeting is being planned for late October to reconsider the question of playing field construction on the Banta-Davis Land. In May of this year a bid for developing fields passed at Town Meeting and was defeated at the polls by eleven votes. One of the proposed fields would have been composed of an artificial surface which, though initially ...more

The Planning Board has undertaken two informal reviews of a possible conservation cluster on Rutland Street. Peter Howe, representing the Brown estate, met with the Planning Board at its July 24 meeting to present conceptual plans to subdivide the 24.6 acres of the Brown Trust Property on Rutland Street with access provided from the lot at 400 Rutland Street. ...more

Pending approval of Planning Board action by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Land Court, the litigation regarding Maplewood subdivision (Koning Farm Road at Acton Street) has been concluded. The definitive plan for the five-house-lot subdivision is dated June 15, 1998, revised October 2, 1998. (An earlier plan had been considered in the 1980s.) The ownership ...more

Edward and Linda Fields have apparently won their battle to use an economic impact argument to enable them to build a five-bedroom house, driveway and associated utilities in the 200-foot Riverfront Area that follows Pages Brook. When they first filed their application with the Conservation Commission in May, they presented a "preferred" plan that ...more

A first step may well have been taken toward major development activity on the western side of town. The Conservation Commission first received an Abbreviated Notice of Resource Area Delineation (ANRAD) for 133.5 acres of undeveloped land between Westford and Curve Streets at its May 25 meeting. The filing aroused immediate public attention because the property, ...more

The Conservation Commission may have escaped a bullet just ahead of its July 27 meeting when an official letter arrived on Conservation Administrator Sylvia Willard's desk. The letterhead read "Executive Office of Environmental Affairs," and the subject concerned purple loosestrife at Great Brook Farm State Park, which at first glance could have ...more

Sabrina Perry, coordinator of the Carlisle Center Park project next to Ferns garage on Lowell Street, returned to the Historical Commission on July 25 in a continuation of a public hearing on improvements in the park design. Paving materials for the parking lot, new fencing, the height of granite posts and suggested plantings all came under discussion, but ...more

· Town Center Park improvements. (See article above.) Several abutters and town center residents were in the audience when the Board heard preliminary plans to upgrade the town-owned park near the Town Center on Lowell Street. Sabrina Perry, representing the Friends of the Carlisle Center Park, displayed several designs detailing proposed changes: ...more

Carlisle police were out in full force to assist at the scene of a one-car accident on Lowell Street just before noon on Tuesday, August 1. The operator of a vehicle pulling a horse trailer was on her way home to Weston with two dogs in the car and her horse in the trailer behind, when she reached to swat a bee, swerved, and crashed into a telephone pole. ...more

Dave Anderson described some of his accomplishments during his first year as facilities manager for Concord-Carlisle High School (CCHS) at the July 11 Regional School Committee (RSC) meeting. ...more

David Ziehler of Acton Street came to the July 17 meeting of the Carlisle Housing Authority (CHA) wanting to know more about the Affordable Accessory Apartments (AAA) that Carlisle hopes to authorize as part of the Affordable Housing Plan submitted to the state last year. (See Mosquito, July 1, 2005, "Affordable housing plan goes to the state".) ...more

· Committee appointments. A Capital Planning group is being proposed to consist of Selectman Tim Hult, School Committee members Mike Fitzgerald and Christy Barbee, Brian Larson of the Planning Board, Barbara Bjornson and Sue Wolfe of the Finance Committee, Financial Director Larry Barton, Don Rober of the Long-Term Capital Requirements Committee, ...more

The monthly public meetings of the Concord Carlisle Regional High School (CCHS) Advisory Council provide a forum where issues and concerns are explored and goals are established for the school. The Council is made up of school administration and teacher representatives, students, parents and a community member that does not have ties to the school. The State ...more

John Flaherty, Director of Finance and Operations for the Concord-Carlisle Regional Schools, reports that the Concord-Carlisle High School is receiving about $290,000 more from the state than was planned in the FY07 budget passed in the spring. The funds include increases in transportation, Chapter 70 Aid to Schools, and other smaller adjustments. ...more

7:30 P.M. Town Hall

7:30 Minutes, agenda items ...more

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