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Friday, August 4, 2006


Shorts from the Selectmen, July 25

· Committee appointments. A Capital Planning group is being proposed to consist of Selectman Tim Hult, School Committee members Mike Fitzgerald and Christy Barbee, Brian Larson of the Planning Board, Barbara Bjornson and Sue Wolfe of the Finance Committee, Financial Director Larry Barton, Don Rober of the Long-Term Capital Requirements Committee, and a member at large to be determined. The committee will develop a model for analyzing and recommending long-term financial decisions for the town with a deadline of January 2007.

A new Benfield Task Force was appointed, consisting of Sarah Hart, Alan Carpenito, Alan Lehotsky, Allen Deary, Phyllis Zinicola, Tom Brownrigg, John Ballantine and Russ Dion. The Task Force will pick up the plan for developing the town-owned land on South Street, a plan which has been on hold as protection for endangered salamanders was negotiated.

· Committee resignations. Mary-Lynn Bohn, Sean Flynn and Frank de Alderete resigned from the Bike and Pedestrian Safety Committee. That committee currently requires five or six new members as several members have recently resigned because they "want to help but don't want to attend meetings," according to Tim Hult. "We need people who want to attend meetings" so the committee can get a quorum for votes. Also, Eunice Knight resigned from the Town Common Committee because she is moving.

Hult reported the Bike Committee "has come to the conclusion they will recommend resurfacing the current path with more expensive stuff" that does not promote weeds. However, to do the work some poison ivy by the pathway must be eradicated. The Board of Health will be contacted for a recommendation.

· Rail Trail RFP. Madonna McKenzie and Alan Cameron are reviewing the Request for Proposal for design of the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail. Town Meeting approved using CPA funds for Carlisle's portion of this bike trail along Route 27.

· Police promotion. The Selectmen voted to promote Leo Crowe to Police Lieutenant.

· Upcoming items. The August 22 Selectmen's meeting will include a Site Plan Review for the park next to Ferns and a discussion of a request by a Carlisle resident to purchase a town-owned pond on Concord Street.

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