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Friday, August 4, 2006


Horse trailer accident ties up Lowell Street

Carlisle police were out in full force to assist at the scene of a one-car accident on Lowell Street just before noon on Tuesday, August 1. The operator of a vehicle pulling a horse trailer was on her way home to Weston with two dogs in the car and her horse in the trailer behind, when she reached to swat a bee, swerved, and crashed into a telephone pole. The pole was severed at its base and fell on her car; the trailer was upright and at an angle, off the road.

The Carlisle ambulance took the operator to the hospital for evaluation. She was released later in the day. The horse was not hurt and was able to be loaded onto the trailer of a friend whom the operator called for help. The vehicle that ran into the pole appeared to be totaled and was eventually towed. Power was out in the area for about an hour after the accident.

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