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Friday, August 4, 2006


Cell tower may be coming to Westford Street

Larry Sorli relinquished his seat as chair of the Historical Commission on July 25 when the board considered a proposal submitted by EBI Consulting to place an 80-foot monopole-type telecommunications facility (cell tower) on the Sorli farm at 1022 Westford Street. T-Mobile and three other telecommunications providers would share the facility.

Although the property is not in the Historic District, the Historical Commission has purview under Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act, which mandates that federal agencies must consult with state and local groups to ensure that historic properties are considered during federal project planning and implementation. The Sorli farm is on the list of historic properties in Carlisle recommended for inclusion in the comprehensive survey.

Sorli provided an aerial photograph of the farm, pointing out that the pole would be sited in an area of tall trees, and the equipment would be enclosed in a fenced-in area that is not visible from the road. Sorli said that the facility meets all new federal guidelines. The Commission agreed that the monopole would have no historical impact on the property.

Before construction can begin, EBI Consulting will need a special permit from the Carlisle Planning Board.The town revised the bylaw on wireless service facilities under Article 27 of the May Town Meeting; however, Planning Board Chair David Freedman said the old bylaw remains in effect for special permit applications until the state Attorney General formally approves the bylaw revision.

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