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Friday, August 4, 2006

Learn about climate change

To the Editor:

I love playing baseball, soccer, basketball and hockey with Eli. Eli is my grandson and he is two and a half. Of course he is a wonder!

I want to walk in the Cotswolds with him, to climb Katahdin with him. But even more than these, I want him to be able to do the same with his grandson someday.

What are your dreams for your grandchildren?

Please see, if you have not already, An Inconvenient Truth. Unless all of us do our part to reduce global warming we may not have a world that is fit for anyone's grandchildren. The size of the polar ice caps is melting at such an alarming rate that unless global warming is reversed the coastlines of Florida, New York City, San Francisco, The Netherlands — to mention only a few — will all be destroyed. The consequences for climate change worldwide, and especially for changes in the distribution of water, are staggering. Scientists agree these consequences will occur if we do not reduce the current trajectory of carbon emissions worldwide.

We can all consider: seeing the film; spending 20 minutes on the website:; talking with our family, friends, colleagues and neighbors about it; making changes to reduce fossil energy consumption; voting for environmentally conscious candidates; campaigning for the same; running for office ourselves.

Continue to dream for your grandchildren, whether they are here yet or not. Enjoy them if you have them. Let them inspire you to act! It is within their lifetime that we must reclaim the earth for future generations.

Barbara Ludwig
Westford Street

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