The Carlisle Mosquito Online

Friday, July 21, 2006


Ode to Carlisle
A small town,

in the middle of

the woods.

With small town charm,

or frustrating isolation.

One store

that's it,

recently changed to "Ferns,"

although all real


still call it "Daisy's."

The only real

public attraction is

Kimball's ice cream.

The only reason

to come to Carlisle

you might say,

But still way better than

Bedford Farms

that's for sure.

no malls,

no movies,

no restaurants

at all,

there is nothing

to do here it seems.

Small town

festivals and parades

keep the young kids


A strawberry festival

every mid-June,

and a fourth of July parade,

with fire trucks

that throw candy.

Carlisle School

is quite a place,

where everybody

knows everything

about everybody else.

Where rumors and gossip

spread like the wind.

It's funny to say that

I miss it sometimes.

Now we're in

High School,

where Carlisle jokes

are cracked

everywhere you turn.

Yes, we joke

and say we hate it too.

But off to college

we're bound

and then we'll see,

how much we miss

this small town,

in the middle of

the woods.

2006 The Carlisle Mosquito