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Friday, July 14, 2006


A crowd of 60 people gathered on the afternoon of Old Home Day in the open field just between Town Hall and access to the Conant Land trails to commemorate the dedication of a granite installation to memorialize former Carlisle Selectman, Vivian Chaput. The group included many of the town's civic and social leaders. ...more

Tim Harte,Five-mile record-holder (25:58), returned to Carlisle to win this race for the ninth time in 29:30. Tim and second place finisher Roy Bondurant ran together with five-time winner John Dalton during the first half of the race. Tim and Roy then pulled away until the last two miles, when Tim took and held the lead. Roy held on to second with a time ...more

1 Tim Harte 29:30 ...more

Place Time ...more

About the same number of ambitious bakers arose early and made bread this year, as last. When every crumb is sold by noon, you know the breads looked and tasted delicious. The judging results: ...more

The first-ever Old Home Day Inventors 'Showcase was a grand success with a total of 13 inventions from Al Sanderson and John Fox, Alex and Roxane Sayde, Alex Kate Knobel, Anthony Scarbro, Bill Guild, Connor Lofdahl, Dave Reed, Jane Quinn, Max Stropkay, Prescott Behn, Richard Ketchen, Steve Loutrel, and Tim McCormack. ...more

I have been invited to contribute a column to the Mosquito about gardening in Carlisle. Although I have no formal credentials in horticulture, I have been gardening in Carlisle since I moved here in 1980. As a long-time member of the Carlisle Garden Club and one-time owner of Trade Secret Gardens, I am a self-taught hands-on gardener of vegetables, herbs, ...more

This year's recipients of the Outstanding Citizens award epitomize the dedicated volunteer spirit and hard work that make this town a great place to live. They've lived here for over forty years, in which time they've raised three kids — two of which they adopted — and been involved in many town activities, in Old Home Day, and in church activities. ...more

What: On a recent perambulation through the lovely rurality of Carlisle, I recently happened upon a treasure of heretofore unknown identity. I was instantly, and much to my surprise, able to identify it as an ardent conservationist (although of a unique sort), bi-pedal, of up-right stature though curiously attached by a string to a rather gregarious ...more

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