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Friday, July 14, 2006


CCHS seniors find colleges, students and staff earn accolades

Concord-Carlisle Regional High School Principal Art Dulong had many good things to say about the graduating class at the Regional School Committee meeting on June 27. "The members of the Class of 2006 were excellent role models and mentors who have made service to others a significant focus of their lives, contributing a total of 28,219 volunteer hours."

College search statistics

Dulong gave a few statistics about the graduating class and their search for colleges. There were 2,279 transcripts processed, or about seven transcripts per student. About 56% of the senior class applied Early Decision or Early Action. Roughly half the students applied to between five and ten schools: 13% applied to 11 - 15 colleges, 24% applied to eight - ten colleges, 29% applied to five - seven schools, and 20% applied to two - four colleges. Fifty-two percent of this year's seniors were admitted by their first-choice school, while an additional 20% will attend their second-choice school.

Awards and accomplishments

Dulong presented a long list of accomplishments this year. Praise was given to many teachers and students who had done exemplary things. Only some are listed here.

This year, 112 juniors and seniors were inducted into the National Honor Society .

In art, Carolyn Abend and Anastasia Salvucci received Globe Scholastic Art Awards. Teacher Henry Cataldo's photographic image was selected by the Massachusetts College of Art to advertise its annual exhibition and auction. Teacher Brian Mahony was nominated for an Outstanding American Teachers Award.

In English, 50 students took AP English Exams, twice as many as last year. Teacher Mark Angney has been hired as a consultant for MacNeil/Lehrer Productions in D.C. Several teachers conducted independent studies with students on a variety of topics such as modern poetry and fiction writing.

English Language Learner (ELL) classes at CCHS, which include Fundamentals of English 1 and 2 and Fundamentals for U.S. History, were cited as model classes by the Department of Education. ELL provided services for six students this year.

In foreign language, teacher Hai-Ming Wu was awarded an all-expenses paid scholarship to participate in the AP Chinese Summer Institute in Taipei. Wu assisted Carlisle Public Schools teacher Chiao-Bin Huang in developing a Chinese curriculum for Carlisle. Sanne Wortel graduated early and then traveled to Xi'An, China this spring to teach kindergarten while studying Chinese there. Zander Pease received a scholarship from "School Year Abroad" and spent this past school year in Beijing, China.

The CCHS Math Team placed fifth at the Massachusetts State Math Team meet and fourth at the New England Math Team meet. Twenty-one students, higher than usual, qualified for the American Invitational Math Exam. A record number of students, roughly 125, took Advanced Placement Exams in Calculus or Statistics this May.

Teacher Peter Atlas was chosen as the Question Leader of an AB-BC Calculus Advanced Placement Question for the national AP exams. This means that he is in charge of writing the standard for that question, briefing the 750 individuals who grade the question, and he makes the final decisions on how individual papers are graded. Being chosen for this role represents national recognition.

The CCHS Concert and Repertory Bands both won Gold Medals at the MICCA Concert Festival. Both participated in the MICCA "Stars at the Symphony" Gold Medal Showcase at Mechanics Hall in Worcester. The "A" Jazz Band produced and professionally recorded a full-length CD. The Concert Band is planning a concert tour to Japan in April, 2007. This will be the third visit of a CCHS Band to Hokkaido, Japan. Concord shares a sister city relationship with Nanae. In preparing for this trip, Concert Band members are participating in a series of workshops on Japanese culture and language. Plans are underway for CCHS and Shiroishi High School to have another joint concert at Symphony Hall in Boston in the winter of 2008.

The Science Olympiad Team placed sixth overall in the state competitions. The team finished first in Rocks, Minerals and Glaciers. Students in Honors Earth Science completed over 400 hours of environmentally based community service.

Ross Wagner, who just graduated in the Pathways Program in the Special Education Department, received the Principal's Award for Inspirational Leadership and the Norma Uraneck Award from the English Department for being the student who best exemplified the qualities of honesty, sincerity, dependability and concern for others.

A grant-funded school store was built for use by Pathways students and others at CCHS. Pathways students learn the necessary skills to run the store. Administrative intern Joe Hehn conducted discussion groups with METCO students and faculty forums that resulted in 2006-07 initiatives to address achievement gap issues for students of color at CCHS.

Some Special Education Statistics of note: seven students graduated from CCHS or private school, two students moved from day placements to CCHS, three students moved from residential to day placements and one student moved from Out of District Placement to a privately paid placement.

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