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Friday, July 14, 2006


Shorts from the Selectmen, July 11

Special Committee for Long Term Financial Planning. Proposed by Selectman Tim Hult and passed by unanimous vote, Carlisle has a new committee. Its charter is "to provide information to the Board of Selectmen and Finance Committee regarding the town's ability to initiate and fund large- scale capital projects overt the next 15-25 years." It is to be a three to six month effort with three deliverables: (1) A financial analysis of the town's ability to fund projects. (2) A financial model that can be revised on a regular basis. (3) Recommendations as to the responsibilities regarding maintaining and updating the financial analysis. Aside from "the usual suspects" (representatives from Selectmen, two from Finance Committee, School Committee, Concord-Carlisle School Committee, Long Term Capital Requirements Committee, Planning Board, Town Financial Director) there will be one member from the community at large. Specific names of members will be approved at the Selectmen's July 25 meeting.

Town Center Park improvements. During discussion of the "pocket park project" Chair Doug Stevenson said, "The zoning bylaws are quite clear." Other members agreed and voted to initiate a site plan review of the project but to waive fees. Side comments by board members included: "The center residents and abutters deserve to be heard;" and "We should encourage the Planning Board to accept waivers (on engineering detail to keep costs down)."

Cranberry Bog Dam(n). Selectman John Williams reported on a meeting that he and Conservation Administrator Sylvia Willard had with the Chelmsford Selectmen. Apparently several of the Chelmsford Selectmen were unaware of the dam failure. Williams said, "We gave them a proposal to fix the dam — an agricultural fix rather than an engineering fix.They had concern about liability if the repair is paid for by Chelmsford with the work done by Mark Duffy (the cranberry grower).They did agree to take this as an opportunity to get working on ongoing issues: maintenance and water rights." Williams stated that Willard will meet with Chelmsford's Department of Public Works and their Conservation Commission. (See related story, page 1, "How long will the patched dam hold?")

Benfield Task Force. Given complications from Indian sites, salamander habitat and constraints imposed by the Town Meeting vote that authorized purchase of Benfield Parcel A, the Board decided to reconstitute the Benfield Task Force. Notification will be given to the various groups previously involved requesting nominees for the appointment (Conservation, Housing, Recreation, Planning, two from neighborhoods and one member-at-large). The Board named former Selectman John Ballantine as their representative. The task force charter and membership will be decided at the Selectmen's July 25 meeting.

Hult, Williams and Stevenson observed that the ball field and housing projects could be decoupled with housing being given the higher priority.

Greystone Crossing (Cross Street Conservation Cluster). Developer William Costello and Trails Committee Chair Louise Hara presented the Board with covenant, restrictions and easement documents for Greystone Crossing. The trail easements and fire cistern easements benefit the town and were accepted by the Board.

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