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Friday, July 14, 2006


Shorts from the CSC, June 26

Technology grants. The Carlisle School Committee voted to accept a gift of $34,100 from the Carlisle School Association (CSA). The funds, part of the Carlisle Education Foundation/CSA Auction income, will allow the school to purchase two ActiveBoard (electronic white boards), a color laser printer for the school library, remote access to an Internet-based Pupil Administrative Software System (iPASS) for teachers, six projection devices with DVD players, and a "mini-lab" consisting of ten laptop computers.

iPASS is an online student information system which allows the administration and teachers to develop, store, and access all student information on a web-based server. This allows teachers to enter student grades from home. Teachers using the system include world language, art, PE, music and middle school. According to Assistant to the School Superintendent Claire Wilcox, teachers are also beginning to use the iPASS system for online attendance and staff data.

Deb Butts, Carlisle fifth grade teacher, described the ActiveBoard in a recent e-mail. "The ActiveBoard has a million uses in the curriculum," she said. "When the board was in my classroom, I used it every day, starting with a tickertape message for students as they arrived in the mornings. This message directed students to their morning work and positive greeting from me. Since the board is connected directly to a computer, and a projection device, students can have visual access to a tremendous variety of websites or written teacher-generated documents, appropriate for whatever is happening in the curriculum." Butts said the board is a valuable tool for sharing student work, and presenting visuals for various subjects. "Additionally," she said, "the ActiveBoard is fun and engaging. It can be used at any grade level in any curriculum area."

In an e-mail Dale Ryder, President of the CSA, expressed her pleasure at the donation. "On behalf of all the parents who work so tirelessly to support our school, the CSA Board is very pleased to make this donation to the school. We are especially proud of our cooperative effort with school administration to continue the process of updating the technology at the school to enrich our children's education and to support our wonderful teachers."

Funds found for administration consultant.The Carlisle School is spending approximately $10,000 to hire a consultant to assist the administration team in strategy planning. When asked how the cost would be covered in the budget, Superintendent Marie Doyle explained the new Director of Student Services and the new Business Manager would not start until August, saving the school around $10,000.

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