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Friday, July 14, 2006


Planning Board hears informal plans for Rutland Street subdivision

Peter Howe, representing the Brown estate, met with the Planning Board on June 26 to request an informal discussion of conceptual plans to subdivide 24.6 acres of the Raymond Brown Trust Property on Rutland Street. The property includes Parcels 23 and 26 on Assessors' Map 36, and is adjacent to Parcel 22, part of the town-owned Mannis Conservation Land.

The Rangeway path crosses the proposed 24.6 acre development for lots 23 and 26 off Rutland Street. (Map prepared by Hal Shneider)

During the presentation Howe indicated that, initially, access for the proposed subdivision was sought via a "cart-path" on or near the path known as Rangeway Road. According to Planning Board Administrator George Mansfield, Rangeway Road was a county way until the town voted to discontinue it as a legal road in 1970. A lawsuit was initiated in December, 2002, with the town as defendant to determine the legal status of this access. However, Howe's client recently acquired 400 Rutland Street (the 3.6 acre Parcel 23) and this provides alternate access to the property. Attorney Martha Howe, also representing the client, stated that the lawsuit is still in the courts but may be moot because of the Rutland property access. Graphics shown during the presentation were for a conventional subdivision as well as a six-lot conservation cluster. Peter Howe said that the client would prefer the conservation cluster.

Abutters Marc and Ginny Lamere (374 Rutland Street) and John Bakewell (290 Rutland Street) offered information on trails within and adjacent to the proposed development. Given the familiarity of the abutters with the trails, the Board recommended that the developer and the abutters begin a dialog, particularly if the development is undertaken as a conservation cluster where trail easements and common land would be involved. Peter Howe endorsed the suggestion.

Executive session

In other business, the Board went into closed session to discuss strategy for pending litigation with the board as defendant and Valchuis, et al., as plaintiff regarding property on Berry Corner Lane (Map 7, Parcel 29).

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