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Friday, July 14, 2006

AN OLD HOME DAY TRADITION. Children enjoy the three-legged race during Old Home Day celebrations on July 1. (Photo by Mollie McPhee Ho)

The recent destructive flooding of the Cranberry Bog has galvanized officialdom in both Carlisle and Chelmsford. The sudden rush of water occurred when an ancient water control structure in a ponding area in the Chelmsford portion of the Cranberry Bog reservation was unable to withstand the pressure of record rainfall and unpredictable beaver activity. At ...more

Seen from the north to the eastern parts of town, the black bear has returned to forage in Carlisle. Several years ago a number of black bear sightings and wrecked bird feeders alerted residents to a potentially dangerous aspect of Carlisle's vaunted rurality. This week at least five bear-related incidents have occurred. The first was on Blaisdell Drive on ...more

Before the Pedestrian and Bike Safety Advisory Committee (PBSAC) can continue with any of their planned town pathways, they must resolve the problem of weed control on the paths that have already been built. You may remember that the Board of Selectmen voted one year ago to allow the PBSAC to perform a test along a short section of the pathways to compare ...more

Carlisle was hit with severe thunderstorms on Tuesday, July 11. In a one-two punch, the first storm, sliding in from the west, arrived around 1 p.m. The second, much worse storm, arrived around 3 p.m., just as children were leaving the area's summer camp. Both storms contained vivid lightning and torrential downpours. ...more

Now online:

Carlie's official town web site is up and running. Residents will be able to use the site to pay taxes online, as well as to obtain a wide variety of municiple information. Examples include: applications, voter registration information, and meeting schedules and minutes. The private site run by volunteer Ed Fields will continue to provide information concentrating on non-government community events

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