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Friday, July 14, 2006


Cantrills win Honored Citizens Award

This year's recipients of the Outstanding Citizens award epitomize the dedicated volunteer spirit and hard work that make this town a great place to live. They've lived here for over forty years, in which time they've raised three kids — two of which they adopted — and been involved in many town activities, in Old Home Day, and in church activities. They've been responsible for just about every component of Old Home Day: the parade, the cakewalk, the games and contests. They've been part of the planning process, they've solicited cakes, they've refereed games and contests, and they've managed events. They've built booths and floats, and he even appeared once in a gypsy moth costume. (She drew the line and once refused to wear a revealing dress.) They've given extensively of their time and energy. When dirty jobs like cleanup and dump runs had to be done, they were available to do them.

At the First Religious Society, she has organized and been responsible for — and he has helped her with - the Memorial Day luncheon (for more years than I can remember), the Greens Sale, and the Strawberry Festival. She has served on the Parish Committee, the governing body of the church, as well. When coffee needs making, decorations need to be hung, or new people need to be welcomed, she's there to do it. Again, they've never shirked the dirty jobs: I can still picture him shivering while standing out in the side yard of the church on a day very different from this one, selling Christmas trees.

In all that they've done, they've avoided the limelight, worked quietly but extensively in the background, solved numerous problems, created none. Their spirit of volunteerism and enthusiasm is contagious and makes it a pleasure to work with them. Who can say no when she calls to ask "will you make potato salad for the Memorial Day luncheon?" (Even I succumbed, making it my annual cooking project for many years.)

She's delivered the mail for many years, and at her request was the last of the carriers to get a little white truck to drive, despite the Postmaster telling her she'd grow to love it. And as much as she feared driving it, she's had no accidents with it yet. In her typical manner, about a month after she'd started driving it, she walked into the Postmaster's office and told him: "Listen up. I'm only going to say this once. You were right. I like driving the truck."

It gives me great pleasure to present the Outstanding Citizens Award for 2006 to Newel and Donna Cantrill.

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