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Friday, June 30, 2006


To maintain the forward momentum in managing the new environmental requirements on the town-owned Benfield Land due to the presence of the rare blue spotted salamander, several experts, organized by former Selectman John Ballantine, presented their views on the complex environmental issues facing Benfield's development at the Selectmen's meeting ...more

Early Tuesday morning the western portion of the Cranberry Bog was flooded, due to a partial collapse of a dam located upstream in Chelmsford. ...more

Twice it appeared that town boards did not fully understand one another during the Planning Board meeting on June 26. ...more

"What is it with all the water going out all the time?" asked Carlisle School Committee (CSC) member Christy Barbee at the CSC meeting on June 21. School Business Manager Steven Moore explained that the school water tanks have occasionally run dry, but it is usually due to "catastrophic" events such as a sink tap left open, or a toilet ...more

John Ballantine presented the results of his research called, "Discussion of Carlisle Public School Growth and Capital Needs — Changing Carlisle Demographics and Budget Pressures," at the June 21 meeting of the Carlisle School Committee (CSC). Ballantine is an adjunct professor in International Finance at Brandeis University and a former Carlisle ...more

Abdirauf Abdullahi was shot and killed Sunday night outside his home in Boston. A participant in the METCO program, he had graduated earlier this month from the Concord-Carlisle Regional High School. ...more

Awards. Three parents joined the ranks of the Carlisle School Volunteers Hall of Fame during the Carlisle School Committee (CSC) meeting last Wednesday night. Parents Stephanie Smith, cheered for her "loyalty to the music department," Abha Singhal, honored as treasurer for the CSA and organizer of "Glimpses of India," and ...more

If the Conservation Commission hoped to reduce the number of "continued" hearings choking their June 22 docket, they found themselves stymied. In fact, they only succeeded in adding one more to the list for July. The new item involved a State Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) landscaping plan for the "duck pond" at Great ...more

Town web site. The town web site,, is set to launch on July 1. All town departments are working towards this deadline. Forms and fee structures as well as bylaws and minutes will be available for residents to review and download. ...more

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