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Friday, June 30, 2006


Once again, well-meaning parents in nearby communities have been making headlines for objecting to the reading materials their young children bring home from school. And once again, no matter how many times I read through the news stories, I just don't understand their viewpoint. Isn't it the purpose of books — whether for small children, teens, adults ...more

Track and Field

With a 4-4 record, the girls Varsity Track & Field Team completed a solid season, given the high level of competition in the Dual County League (DCL). The team's improvement was evident in their second-place finish at the DCL league meet. This year, Coach Steve Lane took pride in the achievements of Carlisle female athletes in all event groups. ...more


The Boys Tennis Team finished an excellent season this year under first-time coach Alex Spence, winning 20 out of 21 games during regular season play, and continuing on to win the Dual County League Championship. From there, the boys won the North Regional Championship. ...more

Front row, left to right, Kerrie Bourque, Caroline Deignan, Erica Pernice, Alisha Deary. Middle row, Monica Diercks, Lindsey Verrill, Morgan Evans, Melissa Mariano, Allison Lin. Back row, Coach Beauchamp, Sloane Brazina, Michelle Solomon, Julia Lesses, Makayla Barton, Aby Ostrom, Coach Denaro. ...more

A new exhibit of some personal items carried by a Carlisle soldier in the Civil War is on display at Heald House. George Varnum Monroe joined the Union Army in 1862 at age 24. A member of Company G., 47th Regiment, out of Boxford and Readville, Monroe's regiment fought in skirmishes in Amité River and LaFourche Crossing in Louisiana. He died of illness ...more

These Carlisle women have read lots of books, and they share their suggestions with Mosquito readers. They are members of several of the book clubs in town, who selected their books especially for summer reading. We tried to find a men's book club, or a book club that included men, but were unsuccessful. Happy reading! ...more

Maya Gupta spotted this blue-eyed gray tree frog, Hyla versicolor, clinging to the glass pane of her kitchen door around midnight on June 15. Her photo shows two distinguishing characteristics of tree frogs. First, there are suction pads on its toes that allow it to climb vertical surfaces and second, the underside of the hind legs are canary yellow ...more


They taught us how to write; they taught us how to perform mathematical operations; they taught us how the world worked. But behind the academics, behind the drone of the customary, required subjects of study, they taught us things worth far more: ethics, understanding, not what to think, but how to think, acceptance and tolerance. But above all, weaved into ...more

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