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Friday, June 30, 2006


Shorts from the Board of Selectmen's meeting, June 27

Town web site. The town web site,, is set to launch on July 1. All town departments are working towards this deadline. Forms and fee structures as well as bylaws and minutes will be available for residents to review and download.

Eagle Scout project. Eagle Scout Oliver Bojanic sent a letter to the Board of Selectmen requesting permission to place reflectors on telephone poles and on trees along Concord Road in order to prevent car accidents. The board supports Bojanic's project, but they only have authority over the trees on Concord Road, not on the utility poles. Selectman Carpenito will talk to Bojanic and discuss the possibility of drafting a plan that consists of a map of Carlisle that identifies critical areas in town where reflectors should be placed.

Local video franchise authority threat. The BOS approved the request from the Massachusetts Municipal Association (MMA) to write letters to Senators Kerry and Kennedy asking them to oppose efforts of the Department of Telecommunications and Energy, who are considering a petition filed by Verizon (and a bill — S. 2686 — authored by Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska) that seeks to expedite the cable franchising process. According to the MMA, the bill undermines local franchising enforcement and compliance authority, threatens local budgets and undermines the ability of local governments to protect their residents and respond to cable customer service complaints.

Banta-Davis — Phase II next steps. Allen Deary of the Recreation Commission (RecCom) updated the BOS with their findings post-Town Meeting, stating that RecCom "learned a lot of things since [failing] at the ballot box." Deary believes that by not emphasizing the "non-youth" component of the Banta Davis project, RecCom lost a significant share of support by the elderly demographic in town. Deary spoke about the current plan being fundamentally on target, but by altering particular areas, namely the proposed bocce and child's play area, to incorporate picnic tables, walking trails, a pavilion for events, would be more appealing to the people in town who are not as interested in using the playing fields for sports. Deary also said he would be reaching out to the COA, post-transition, to get their input on a Recreation/Senior Center plan.

Capital Planning Group. The BOS is spearheading an effort to bring together a subgroup of people to look specifically at proposed capital projects and evaluate the town's ability to pay for such projects relative to the current debt. For the next BOS meeting, Selectman Hult offered to draft a charter for the planning group for discussion.

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