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Friday, June 23, 2006


The Carlisle Public School has hired Karen Slack to be the new Director of Student Support Services and Heidi Zimmerman to be the new Business Manager. ...more

As the Zoning Board of Appeals' Coventry Woods 40B hearing starts to wrap up with the hopes of deliberating by the end of the summer, the tensions between the applicant, Mark O'Hagan of MCO & Associates, and the abutters to the proposed development have progressively worsened, reaching a communication standstill. Abutter Ken Hoffman said, "There are ...more

Fees for bus service, kindergarten, and sports continue to be a source of revenue for the Carlisle School. A sharp rise in the kindergarten fees and a modest decrease in sport fees were set at the June 7 Carlisle School Committee (CSC) meeting. School fees were first installed after a failed school budget override in 1990. ...more

How much money should Carlisle keep handy? A proposal for minimums and maximums on liquid assets, presented by the Board of Selectmen (BOS) to the Finance Committee (FinCom) on June 13, raised concerns that guideline maximums could leave the town open to a shortfall. By setting upper and lower limits on accounts holding funds that are easily accessible, the ...more

Minuteman revolving funds. Thomas Markham of Minuteman Regional High School, the technical school serving 16 towns including Carlisle, attended the Selectmen's meeting to receive reauthorization for revolving funds. These funds are for eight programs such as culinary (restaurant and bakery), auto repair, and hairdressing that serve customers ...more

"You do not win a home," began Maureen O'Hagan of MCO Housing Services, regarding the Laurel Hollow affordable housing lottery. This came as no surprise to the 20 prospective entrants gathered in the Clark Room, but based on her experiences in the past, O'Hagan wanted to leave no doubt. "You win a chance to buy a home," she informed the ...more

140 Pheasant Hill Lane. The Board of Health (BOH) approved a request for an accessory apartment at a residence on 140 Pheasant Hill Lane during its meeting on Tuesday, June 20. Homeowners Angela Smith and Melba Schellenberg were represented by Courtney Hudgins of the architecture firm Kendall, Taylor & Company, Inc. Board members ...more

Pathway surfaces. At the request of the Pedestrian and Bike Safety Advisory Committee (PBSAC) the Planning Board informally reviewed proposed pathway surface materials. After considering several factors including construction and maintenance costs, the board voted to concur with the plan of having an "organically stabilized ...more

They are called Approval Not Required (ANR) plans, but applicants still need the endorsement by the Planning Board before these lot divisions can be recorded at the state Registry of Deeds. One of the primary things the board checks for is whether a proposed land plan will be subject to the Subdivision Control Law. None of the ANR applications ...more

The end of June will see a large turn-over at the Carlisle School. Four teachers — Carolyn Platt, Phil LaPalme, Sara Bysshe, and Tom O'Halloran — will be retiring and four administrators — Stephen Goodwin, Steve Moore, Michael Giurlando, and Linda Stapp — are moving to different school systems. ...more

Town Hall, 7:00 p.m.

7:00 Town Administrator report ...more

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