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Friday, June 23, 2006


Once again the number of Carlisle musicians inspired by Fine Arts Coordinator Tom O'Halloran greatly exceeded expectations. Volunteers had to build an extension to the CCHS stage so it could hold the 201 musicians playing in the final number, "Old Scottish Melody," at the alumni concert held on Saturday, June 17. The musicians included Carlisle School ...more

Throwing balls, leading a blindfolded partner, trying to "hula" two hula-hoops — these are a few of the fun and challenging activities which the Carlisle School eighth graders organized to support Civility Day. With over 1,000 students and staff participating, the day could have also been called "Unity Day." The goal is to promote ...more

Do you ever think about how you sleep? Do you toss and turn? Do you sleep like a log? Does your partner snore? Can you only fall asleep on the right side or the left side of the bed? I think everyone has an opinion about those things. ...more

As is often said in baseball, "Good pitching and defense win games." That was certainly true of this year's Carlisle Middle School baseball team. Husky players allowed a total of only 12 runs for the season, posting six shutouts, while compiling a 10-0 record. ...more

On June 11, Tom Brownrigg was walking east on North Road at Great Brook Farm when he heard many upset birds along the edge of the meadow across from the Duffys' house. About ten grackles were diving in a U-shaped flight pattern. As Brownrigg got closer, he could see an immature great horned owl. It was distracted by the grackles and he was able to get within ...more

Topics for the Biodiversity Corner have always been about something found in Carlisle. This week I am making an exception. Leafy spurge, a particularly troublesome invasive plant, has been found growing in Concord. It was reported in the Concord Journal on June 8. A follow-up letter on June 15 suggested that the original warning had not been worded strongly ...more

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