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Friday, June 23, 2006


Planning Board reviews land partitions

They are called Approval Not Required (ANR) plans, but applicants still need the endorsement by the Planning Board before these lot divisions can be recorded at the state Registry of Deeds. One of the primary things the board checks for is whether a proposed land plan will be subject to the Subdivision Control Law. None of the ANR applications at the June 12 Planning Board meeting involved subdivisions. Two of the three applications were quickly okayed, but the plan presented by John Ballantine for 268 Fiske Street must be resubmitted after a conservation restriction (CR) modification is completed.

Ballantine described his eight-month odyssey in trying to finalize the plan to divide his property into two lots. It involved right-of-way for the gas pipeline at Carlisle's periphery, modifications of the CR on his property (which prohibits division of the lot), and interaction with the Division of Conservation Services (DCS) within the Executive Office of Environmental Affairs on the CR. He likened his problem to the "chicken and egg question," because the Planning Board could not consider the plan without resolution of the CR, and the DCS would not consider the modification of the CR without a finalized plan.

As an accommodation, with the intent of moving the issue forward, the board directed administrator George Mansfield to write a letter to the Division of Conservation Services to the effect that the board agreed "in principle" that it would endorse the plan after the CR modification is completed. The Conservation Commission and the Board of Selectmen as well as the state must approve the new CR before the matter comes again before the Planning Board.

Two other ANR plans were on the agenda and endorsed. Douglas and Janice Deyoe were applicants for a plan showing 554 River Road and 38 Prospect Street. Phillip Gladstone (1005 Curve Street) was an applicant for a plan showing Map 28, Parcels 8-1A and 8-11A).

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