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Friday, June 23, 2006


Shorts from the Planning Board, June 12

Pathway surfaces. At the request of the Pedestrian and Bike Safety Advisory Committee (PBSAC) the Planning Board informally reviewed proposed pathway surface materials. After considering several factors including construction and maintenance costs, the board voted to concur with the plan of having an "organically stabilized stone dust"surface within the Historic District and asphalt elsewhere. However, the board will caution the PBSAC that requirements of Conservation Restrictions may be a factor in areas where the path goes into private property.

Scenic Roads Public Hearings. Representing the engineering firm of Stamski and McNary for developer William Costello, George Dimakarakos presented a request to remove five trees and approximately 41 feet of stone wall within the town's right-of-way on Cross Street. This is to create two common driveway entrances to the Greystone Crossing Conservation Cluster. Carlisle's Tree Warden, Gary Davis, and the board reviewed the plans and description and voted to grant the request. The basis for the decision was "public safety (traffic sightlines) with no reasonable alternative."

Dimakarakos also presented a request from Costello to remove approximately 17 feet of stone wall on the opposite side of Cross Street for a proposed single-family dwelling (Map 7, Parcel 21-3). After consideration of sightlines and slope of the land on the lot the board voted to approve the request for "public safety with no reasonable alternative."

Town Center park changes. In discussing a request by Carlisle's Land Use Team to review plans for improvements of the "pocket park" on Lowell Street, the board decided that several members would meet June 17 on the site with former Carlisle resident Sabrina Perry, who is organizing the park improvement efforts. Pending results of the meeting, the board will decide whether a formal site plan review would be appropriate.

• Closed session. A pending litigation regarding property on Berry Corner Lane (Map 7, Parcel 29) with the board as defendant and Valchuis, et al. as plaintiff was to be discussed in executive session closed to the public. The only detail given was that possible settlement terms were to be reviewed.

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