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Friday, June 23, 2006


Shorts from the Board of Health, June 20

140 Pheasant Hill Lane. The Board of Health (BOH) approved a request for an accessory apartment at a residence on 140 Pheasant Hill Lane during its meeting on Tuesday, June 20. Homeowners Angela Smith and Melba Schellenberg were represented by Courtney Hudgins of the architecture firm Kendall, Taylor & Company, Inc. Board members re-calculated the number of rooms in the house and agreed that the new 11-room plan could be accommodated by the existing seven-bedroom septic system.

985 North Road. The BOH advised Minzi Ruan of 985 North Road to have larger, more readable plans drawn of the proposed addition to her house so that the board can better evaluate the project, particularly as it pertains to whether her current septic system can support the expansion. The plans that Ruan presented at the meeting were on 8x10 paper and were difficult for members to read.

Pathways memo. The BOH approved a final draft of its memo to the Pedestrian and Bike Safety Advisory Committee in response to the committee's request for input regarding alternative pathway surfaces: gravel, asphalt and organic binders. The board declared its "unanimous position" that herbicides and pesticides should not be used on pathways on public land, but added that it had no recommendation for the type of surfacing that is used.

Medical Reserve Corps meeting. The BOH chose September 16 as the date of an informational meeting on the formation of a Medical Reserve Corps in Carlisle. The Corps will be a group of medical and non-medical volunteers who agree to help out their local community in the event of a public health emergency or natural disaster. Volunteers will be trained and licensed according to the standards and guidelines established by the state and federal medical reserve corps.

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