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Friday, June 23, 2006


Shorts from the Selectmen, June 13

Minuteman revolving funds. Thomas Markham of Minuteman Regional High School, the technical school serving 16 towns including Carlisle, attended the Selectmen's meeting to receive reauthorization for revolving funds. These funds are for eight programs such as culinary (restaurant and bakery), auto repair, and hairdressing that serve customers at low prices in order to give students real-world practice. The Selectmen voted unanimously to reauthorize.

Minuteman capital plan. After the vote, Selectman Doug Stevenson asked for an update on the capital plan for Minuteman. Markham noted the school is in the earliest stages of planning, developing a "wish list" among staff and teachers. The list has not yet gone to the School Committee. He projects the school may come to the towns with a plan for capital improvements in FY09. "That's helpful to know given other capital projects on the horizon," said Stevenson.

Long—range planning sub-group. Stevenson introduced a proposal to form a sub-group to include members of the FinCom, BOS, and schools to develop a model for analyzing a long-range capital plan for the town. "This would not be another policy group but one that will dive into the numbers." David Trask of the Finance Committee (FinCom) endorsed the idea. "We need results right away. We haven't given any direction to capital users or committees, so they're out there doing studies without any guidance." FinCom Chair Thornton Ash noted there is currently no agreement on assumptions, such as the debt capacity of the town. "We need a good solid model that can sustain a lot of poking." Various models were discussed. When a call for a volunteer from the BOS was met with silence, John Williams suggested two groups, one to "get the model running" and one to look at policies. Stevenson proposed that by next week the BOS "form a charter and get this kicked off."

Planning Board replaces member. A requirement for a roll-call vote of the BOS and a majority vote of the Planning Board in order to add a Planning Board member was fulfilled, and Tom Lane assumed the spot previously held by Ray Bahr. The motion carried unanimously.

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