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Friday, June 23, 2006

Retiring instrumental music teacher Tom O'Halloran writes

To the Editor:

I would like to express my deep appreciation to the present and former students, parents, faculty and friends in the Carlisle community for Saturday's unforgettable evening of music, friendship and retrospection. Space limits me from personally thanking the dozens and dozens of people who participated in the planning and actual running of the event, but there are a few of those people who deserve much of the credit for putting it all together: First, my great friends and program supporters, Paula von Kleydorff and Stephanie Smith, who, over a year ago, not only had the vision that this could actually be pulled off, but who also figured out how to contact and invite students who had participated in Carlisle's band program during the past 23 years (then, if that weren't enough, they were able to marshall all the forces to make it happen); Al Dentino, my respected friend and colleague from CCHS, who was the go-to person for all things musical and logistical for the over 200 performing musicians; Tim and Karen Morse who were responsible for the beautiful and poignant slide show, the DVD of the evening's festivities, and the scrapbook; Pam Blair for organizing the pre-concert dinner for 150 people, and the parents who helped to make it happen; Nancy Roberts for being the "staff photographer;" David Freedman for his keepsake program design; the wonderfully supportive CCHS Tech Crew, led by Eric Johnson and Joe Carpenito; and to Mary Cheever and Shirley Scarlett for organizing the reception for close to 500 people(!) Finally, thanks to the featured speakers, Davida Fox Melanson, David Mayal, David Negrin, my son Brian and Al Dentino for their nice words and thoughts.

I was humbled by the turnout and the spirit of the alumni musicians, some of whom were members of the original 27-member senior band in 1983, and all of whom played beautifully. Our present senior band members distinguished themselves once again, and when the groups combined for the finale, it was a moment to be treasured.

I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to teach such terrific students in such a supportive environment as Carlisle, and I extend to everyone my heartfelt wishes for years of good luck and happiness ahead. Thank you.

Tom O'Halloran

Carlisle Public School

Carlisle at its best

To the Editor:

On Saturday evening, June 17, over 200 current and former members of the Carlisle Senior Band took the stage at the Concord-Carlisle High School in a tribute to Tom O'Halloran. The concert went off perfectly and was an ideal way to thank Mr. O for the extraordinary role he has played in many of our children's lives, and to wish him well in retirement. Before the sound of the final "Auld Lang Syne" fades in memory, we want to acknowledge the extraordinary efforts of the many people in Carlisle who worked to make the event so special. Pam Blair, Shirley Scarlett, Mary Cheever and Margie Zuk headed the committees that served a delicious dinner to 150 before the concert, an elegant reception afterwards, and in between sold tickets and served as ushers. They were assisted by a long list of Carlisle parents. David Freedman designed a most beautiful program, Eric Johnson headed the tech crew, and Keith Lewis ran the stage setup crew, including building a stage extension to support all the musicians. And, as usual, the Carlisle School generously supported us in numerous ways.

But all of the performers and their families must really be thanked for the support they gave in less obvious ways. They willingly gave up a beautiful Saturday before Father's Day for the rehearsal and concert. There were former band students who traveled here from other parts of the country to be part of the concert. And, when a dozen kids managed to leave their instruments locked inside the Carlisle School, their parents were at the door of the Minor Chord when it opened on Saturday to rent replacements.

The Alumni Concert was Carlisle at its best, and one of the reasons we live here.

Stephanie Smith,Russell Street
Paula von Kleydorff, School Street

CCHS graduates enjoyed All Night Live

To the editor:

The Concord-Carlisle High School Graduation Party, All Night Live, was a success every way you look at it.Attendance records were broken, 95% of the senior class of 2006 was there, and fewer than ever before didn't make it until the very end.The brand new decorations were spectacular, and new events were a hit beyond expectations.Once again, the support from the people who live or work in Concord and Carlisle, made the experience of All Night Live a great pleasure for organizers as well as attendees, and a reminder of the generosity and spirit of community that surrounds us.

We wish to express our appreciation to the following business for their contributions — Crosby's Market for their coupon program, Rossini's, Dino's, New London,Sorrento's, Dunkin Donuts in West Concord and in Acton, Penguin Video and Barrett and Co. Real Estate.Thanks also to The UPS Store and to West Concord Five and Ten for their very special assistance. We are grateful to the Concord Fire Department for their continued support, to the Boosters Club, and to the administrative, kitchen and custodial staff at the high school. Working together with all these people is really the only way an event of this magnitude could ever come about.What we would ever do without Scott Henderson and Sharon Raven is something none of us wants to consider.Their expertise in electrical work, and their dedication to this event and to our children, helps All Night Live truly come to life with dazzle. Thank you.

And to the parents of all the classes at CCHS, you make a great team.The Class of 2006 thanks you for all you did to make this year very special to the very end.

All Night Live Organizing Committee
Barbara Lewis, Communications Chair
East Riding Drive

Diamondbacks thank coaches

To the Editor:

Last week's Carlisle Mosquito had a great article on how coaches influence children. We wanted to respond by saying "thanks" to our Concord Carlisle Youth Baseball "Majors" Coaches John Mosca, Peter Mathiasen, and Billy Luther. Our coaches always believed in us and encouraged us, even when we were down. They spent many hours with us this spring in practices and games, and many more hours rescheduling games due to the weather. They were even willing to spend their Father's Day with us if we advanced that far in the playoffs. In the end, they coached us to a second place finish in our division. We had lots of fun and we hope to be coached by them again next year. Thanks for the great season!

CCYB "Majors" Diamondback Team:
Connor Spotts, Hartwell Road
Alex Horvath, Stearns Street
Anthony Perugini, Overlook Drive
Evan Armanetti, Coburn Hill Road, Concord
Jonathan and Jacob Juneau, Curve Street,
Andrew vanderWilden, Hubbard Street, Concord
Mike Pigula, Old Marlboro Road, Concord
Ryan Harris, School Street
Brandon Mosca, Lowell Street
Nick Luther, Wright Road, Concord
Thomas Mathiasen, MacArthur Road, Concord

Carlisle can save money building mixed-rate housing

To the Editor:

Carlisle can develop affordable housing without huge subsidies from Carlisle taxpayers. This can be accomplished by mixing market-rate units and affordable-rate units. This method would serve Carlisle several ways.

First, the market-rate units would subsidize the affordable units, requiring little or no subsidy from the taxpayer.

Second, by having both types of units, a development would not have the stigma of being a low-income housing project.

Third, by not pouring money into a project that would be self-subsidized, the community could support the development of a senior center from which a great number of residents would benefit.

Alan Carpenito
South Street

[Ed note: Alan Carpenito is a member of the Board of Selectmen. He is also an abutter to the planned affordable housing project on the town-owned Benfield Land on South Street.]

CEF/CSA announce grants to Carlisle School

To the Editor:

With sincere gratitude to all you who gave of their time, financial resources and energy to this year's school auction, the Carlisle School Association (CSA) and the Carlisle Education Foundation (CEF), are pleased to announce the decision to purchase much needed equipment for the Carlisle Public School.

Working closely with school administration and staff and after careful consideration, we have agreed to fund the following items: six projectors and DVD players for the classrooms, a mini - computer lab, two electronic white boards, a color printer for the library (the one in use there today will be moved to the Spalding building where there is no color printer), and remote access to the student IPASS system.

In addition, specific "Wishing Tree" items which were requested by our teachers ranging from encyclopedias, text books, digital cameras, headphones, microscopes, presentation easels and a new piano bench will be purchased with the $18,000 generously donated by guests at their tables on the night of the auction.

As we review our fund raisers for next year, we will be considering the need for renovations of the Castle Playground as well as several other requests submitted by teachers and the administration. When you become a member of the CSA (and receive a copy of the Husky Handbook!), your membership dues go directly to pay for teacher grant requests as well as in support of the Cultural Enrichment program. The teacher grant process takes place in the late fall. We will keep you updated once that process gets underway.

Again, on behalf of the school administration, teachers and our children, our profound thanks to all who work tirelessly and give so generously to our school.

Dale Ryder, CSA President
Lowell Street
Laura Snowdon, CEF President
Bellows Hill Road

Thanks for the help

To the Editor:

The Carlisle Household Recycling Committee wishes to thank Carlisle Auto Body for towing our Old Home Day (OHD) float from Concord into Carlisle.

We would also like to thank Dot Clark who is graciously storing our float in the barn for the month of June.

It is through the efforts of businesses and residents like these that make Carlisle special.

Thanks neighbors and see you at OHD.

Rob Peary, Chairman
East Riding Drive

Remember past residents of Carlisle

To the Editor:

I would like to make a suggestion regarding Fems Country Store idea of having a commemorative brick layout in the piazza.

Let us commemorate the former, long-ago residents of Carlisle. If you want to have your personalized brick, let it be the second brick that you purchase. Perhaps the first brick could have the name of the long ago property owner of your Carlisle property.

Let us remember the citizens of the Town when it was a farming community.

Ken Waite
Bedford Road

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