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Friday, June 16, 2006


Shorts from the Selectmen, June 13

Chapter 61A request for 180 Prospect Street. The Board of Selectmen agreed to get advice from Town Counsel to see if the town has the right of first refusal for the 14-acre Gutheil property, which has been taxed at a reduced rate for agricultural land under state statute Chapter 61A.

Affordable Housing. The BOS modified the declaration of trust of the Affordable housing Trust, with the amendment that a "two-thirds vote is necessary to approve the sale or purchase of property or the incurrence of debt."

The following were appointed Trustees of the Affordable Housing Trust for a period of one year: all five Selectmen, James Bohn of the Carlisle Housing Authority and Greg Peterson of the Planning Board.

Caroline Hill Scholarships. Upon the recommendation of the Carlisle Scholarship Committee, the Selectman approved scholarships of $2,000 to four students and $1,000 to five students. Moneys will be awarded from the town's Caroline Hill Scholarship Fund. Approval was also given to use the Scholarship Funds to provide money for summer camp to a needy student. The Caroline Hill legacy fund contains roughly a quarter of a million dollars.

Eagle Scout project. The Board of Selectmen (BOS) approved request by Basil Bourque requesting the use of the transfer station on June 17 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. for a food drive in support of the Concord Open Pantry as part of his Eagle Scout project.

Hazardous waste. The BOS paid $4,920 to Clean Harbors Environmental Service out of transfer station sticker funds for household hazardous waste collection.

Deed Restriction on Heald House barn. The BOS agreed to place an historic preservation deed restriction to the Carlisle Historical Society for the Society's barn on Concord Street. The restriction provides that CPA funds will apply to the restoration of the barn, provided that it is used for historic purposes and not sold for another use. In case of such a sale, the funds appropriated for the restoration must be returned to the CPA fund.

Resignations. The BOS accepted the resignations of Karen Dunkers from the Council on Aging, as an Associate Board Member, and Raymond Barr from the Planning Board.

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