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Friday, June 16, 2006


Shorts from the ConsCom, June 8

Latest septic system technique at 145 South Street. Following Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) rejection of a replacement septic system design in which all work would take place inside a 100-foot wetland buffer zone, homeowner Richard Bissell filed a new Notice of Intent (NOI) that uses new technology. Engineer David Schofield described a "passage system," where the flow is piped down into the ground and comes back up, treating the effluent as it travels. The commissioners were happy to okay the revised plan, since it reduced the system footprint by 40% and allowed it to be moved to a location more than 50 feet from the wetland. Though it is new in Massachusetts, Schofield said the technology has been well tested in New Hampshire and Maine and is viewed favorably by the DEP pending final certification.

46 Hemlock Hill Road. The McCandless family found themselves facing a septic system failure but unable to locate the original contractor. Stamski and McNary took over, but hit ledge in test after test. Engineer George Dimakarakos presented a plan that he described as the only one possible for the five-bedroom system. With the family forced to pump out the existing facility every two weeks, the commission issued an emergency permit to speed up the process.

New ConsCom officers elected. As of July 1, Roy Watson will assume the chairmanship of the commission with Peter Burn as chairman-elect.

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