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Friday, June 16, 2006


Town eyes "tax taking" for two unused lots near Bisbee

Parcels 23A-XB and 23A-1 lie near Hartwell Road and the Concord line. (Map prepared by Hal Shneider)

Town officials were surprised the first time they began foreclosure proceedings for over a decade of unpaid taxes on the land known as "Parcel X"when a title search revealed the seven-acre lot had at some time been split among three owners. Once contacted, the owner of one section paid the back taxes. Now the town is beginning the process of foreclosure for the other two pieces of land located between Hartwell Road and Concord Street. Town Treasurer and Tax Collector Larry Barton said that if the owners do not pay the back taxes by June 23, the town expects to file a tax taking with the state Registry of Deeds.

The larger parcel, Assessors' Map 4, Parcel 23A-XB, is landlocked. It contains about five acres and abuts the town-owned Bisbee Conservation Land.The second, smaller parcel, Assessors' Map 4, Parcel 23A-1, has limited frontage on Hartwell Road (see

TOWN CENTER PARK. This preliminary design was produced by Lowell Robinson.

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