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Friday, June 2, 2006


Ed. note: This year's Memorial Day address was given by Tom O'Halloran, music teacher at the Carlisle School, who will retire this month. ...more

What do folktales, the history of woodblocks, endangered animals, and world literature have in common? These and other areas of the school curriculum are being enhanced by Carlisle teachers and the superintendent as they return from a two-week educational visit to China. ...more

Ed. Note: Bill Kovach lived on East Street for several years during the early 1970s. He is currently the founding director of the Committee of Concerned Journalists. The following was read by Selectman Doug Stevenson at the Memorial Day service last Monday. The article was reprinted by permission in the Mosquito of May 29, 1992. ...more

Memorial Day weekend, when the sun finally shone on Carlisle, hoes, trowels and gardening gloves came out of hibernation, and gardens all over town began to take shape. Tomato plants were set out, annuals presented a riot of color and parking spots at local nurseries were hard to find. The growing season — all too brief in our part of the planet — ...more

Name: The common blue-eyed grass is Sisyrinchium montanum. It is a native plant. The genus name is pronounced sis-uh-RINK-ee-um. The common name is a bit misleading since the flowers have a yellow eye. Nor is it a true grass — it is a member of the iris family — but it is a monocot and as such is related to grasses and sedges. ...more

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