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Friday, May 26, 2006


Shorts from the Board of Health, May 16

Coventry Woods meeting May 30. BOH members decided to hold a meeting on May 30 to discuss some of the concerns that the board has with regard to water supply, abutters' well testing and sewage treatment connected with the proposed Coventry Woods 40B development on Concord Street.

Garbage grinder allowance discussion. William Costello, developer of Greystone Crossing on Cross Street, requested time to meet with the Board of Health (BOH) on May 16 to discuss the garbage grinder allowance for new construction that is contained in the Carlisle Supplemental Regulations to Title 5. Costello suggested that the board reconsider the size of the leach area currently required in Carlisle for new construction.In order to accommodate the output of a garbage grinder, the BOH requires a size that is 150% of the size required under Title 5. The board welcomed his comments and invited him back to the BOH meetings that will be held this summer to review the regulations.

554 River Road. The board approved a waiver of the 100-foot setback between the septic system and wetlands to allow for a septic system replacement on the property of Janice and Douglas Deyoe on River Road. The waiver would allow for a distance of 52 feet and 48 feet, respectively, between the septic tank and pump chamber to bordering vegetative wetlands (BVW). Abutters Barry and Amy Ganek attended the meeting and asked Deyoe whether he planned to cut down any trees in the front of the property. After being told that only a few bushes would be removed, the abutters voiced no objections to the plan.

Carlisle Public School. The board was notified by the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) that Carlisle Public School has requested a reduction of the frequency of water testing for lead and copper, required by the DEP several years ago after these metals were found to be above acceptable levels at three sources in the school. New fixtures and corrosion control seem to have been effective, based on recent testing which has shown that the problem has been corrected.

New board members. New board members Leslie Cahill and Jeffrey Brem joined existing members Bill Risso and Michael Holland in re-electing Martha Bedrosian as chair of the board.

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