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Friday, May 26, 2006


Planning Board to draft more "user-friendly" applications

To help landowners avoid the aggravation of having applications rejected, the Planning Board will re-write their guidelines to better explain their requirements. One of the Approval Not Required (ANR) plans submitted at their meeting on May 22 was rejected for incomplete documentation, and noting that several ANR plans presented at recent meetings had been similarly rejected, members Brian Larson and Peter Stuart started a discussion on how to help applicants avoid common mistakes.

ANR plans must conform to the Board's Rules and Regulations. Specificaly, old lot lines must be represented on new plans, all "improvements" must be shown, and the acreage is needed for each parcel. Improvements include locations of existing buildings and driveways. On the rejected plan, the existing driveway was not shown. Unambiguous labeling of lots is also required.

Chair David Freedman observed that the Board could waive specifics of the Rules and Regs for any given plan if the deficiencies did not materially affect the division or combination of land represented. Stuart countered that the Board should enforce its own Rules and Regs and that professionals preparing plans should expect to conform to the requirements. Planning Administrator George Mansfield suggested that the Rules and Regs be made more specific and Larson thought that a checklist available for distribution could be more "user-friendly."The Board asked Mansfield to prepare a draft for such a checklist with specific attention to "common reasons for rejection" of submitted plans.

Concord Street ANR

Doris and Niels Larsen and Melissa McMorrow presented an ANR plot plan for endorsement by the Board. The plan represents three lots — 301 and 333 Concord Street and an adjacent pork-chop lot (four+ acres with 40-foot frontage). The Board endorsed the plan.

Greystone Crossing

In other business, the Board signed the final plans for Greystone Crossing, a conservation cluster involving 47.3 acres on Cross Street and Bingham Road with three common driveways (Trillium Way, Captain Wilson Lane and Greystone Lane), 15 building lots, and five open space parcels. Special permits for this cluster had been approved on March 27.

Planning Board vacancy

Chair David Freedman announced the resignation of member Ray Bahr. A unanimous decision was reached to recommend that associate member Tom Lane be appointed to serve the remainder of Bahr's term. The Board of Selectmen has authority to make such appointments.

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