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Friday, May 26, 2006


Shorts from the BOS, May 23

• Changing demographics. John Ballantine submitted a report to the Board of Selectmen (BOS) on Tuesday about the changing demographics of Carlisle and spoke briefly about its key points: The "over 50" group in town is growing while the "25-40-year-old " group has declined to 8% of the population. Additionally, real estate taxes have increased 84% over the past 15 years and the median income has grown, so that over 60% of Carlisle residents earn over $100k per year. The Mosquito plans to print a more detailed report in a future issue.

Highland Building. The Board is preparing to have a discussion and will be inviting the School Committee.

Cell Tower next steps. Following up from action items from the Town Meeting, Brian Larson made recommendations to the BOS for writing a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the construction of a cell tower on town land, commenting that the distributed antenna system (DAS) was an attractive option but other options should not be excluded from discussions. The Board agreed to study the RFP requirements and supported Larsen's four-phased process to draft the RFP for cell towers.

Affordable Housing Trust. According to the guidelines, the BOS appointed themselves as trustees of the trust, leaving two open trustee positions. After discussion, the Board decided to approach the Housing Authority and offer them one of the positions and also give them the opportunity to recruit (internally or externally) for the second position. Trustees are appointed for one year and must be residents of Carlisle.

Board reorganization. The Board unanimously re-elected Doug Stevenson as Chair, Tim Hult as Vice Chair, and William Tice as Clerk.

Resignations. The Board accepted with gratitude the resignations of Jane Williams, director of the Council on Aging (COA), and of COA van drivers David and Rosemary Bitzer.

Police Department promotion. Chief Sullivan wants to promote a police officer to the rank of lieutenant. The Board is forming a subcommittee to negotiate the new contract.

Fire Department vehicle exhaust extraction system. The Board approved the cost for the new fire station system for a total of $91,933.

Lawn mowing. The Board approved a contract with DLM Management for the purposes of mowing recreational fields for the year at a cost of $21,115, the lowest bid received of two bidders.

Foot Race route approval. The Board granted Dave Reed's request to use selected roads and byways during the Old Home Day foot race. When asked how funding is progressing, Reed commented that this year is "tight," unlike in years past. They are still asking for and welcoming donations, and ask that townspeople keep the cards and letters coming.

Eagle Scout proclamation. The Board approved the proclamation for John Carpenito, son of newly elected Selectman, Alan Carpenito, on his award for Eagle Scout. The ceremony is to be held on June 11.

Wilkins Lane. The Board accepted the deed, making Wilkins Lane an official town road.

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