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Friday, May 26, 2006


Carlisle School begins changing of the guard

In its annual post-election re-organization, the Carlisle School Committee (CSC) voted Nicole Burkel the new chair at their meeting on May 17. Christy Barbee will serve as vice-chair of the CSC.

The CSC sends two members as representatives to the Concord-Carlisle Regional School Committee (RSC), and Carlisle's Michael Fitzgerald has been chosen the new chair of the RSC. Chad Koski, the newest CSC member, will be a member of the RSC as well.

Wendell Sykes and Christy Barbee agreed to continue serving as CSC representatives on the School Building Committee.

New principals introduced

Both new principals, Patrice Hurley and Paul Graseck, attended the meeting. Graseck said, "Thank you for welcoming us. I've had a great time meeting people over the last several weeks. I see a tradition of excellence here. Communication is a very, very important piece." He expects to build bridges to the community and teachers.

Hurley said, "Teachers have shown lots of support. They value the culture here. Kids are creative, imaginative and happy to be here." She offered time to meet people in town on Saturday mornings.

Graseck chimed in, suggesting that if parents want to hold "a coffee" in their homes, a social time with an agenda, he would like to come occasionally. "We recognize you [the community] are moving into a different administrative structure. We expect to work very closely to make the school work as one entity."

Both looked forward to working together and working with Superintendent Marie Doyle, parents, teachers, students and the community.

Communication between Concord and Carlisle

CCHS SENIOR PROJECT FAIR. Abbie Rolando presents a model made as part of her project to analyze the architecture of school theaters. Two dozen seniors participated. Other Carlisle seniors who participated were: Ben Brewer, who wrote a screenplay, Teresa Huang, who composed music, and Laura Scholten (below, center ), who studied and wrote short fiction.

One goal of CSC member Michael Fitzgerald has been to increase communication between Concord and Carlisle. He hopes to get middle school principals from the two towns to meet and discuss middle school programs. Meanwhile, Carlisle Superintendent Marie Doyle and Concord Superintendent Brenda Finn have been discussing world language, math and English curriculums and sharing staff development programs and costs. The hope is to better align the schools feeding into the high school. Concord has invited Carlisle teachers to join them in a writing workshop this summer. In addition, the two teachers that have been offering Lego Robotics courses for the Science, Technology and Engineering Program (STEP), Liz Gray and Peter Darasz, along with Technology Specialist Cyd McCann, met with Concord teachers that have already integrated Legos into the curriculum in fourth- and fifth-grade in the Concord Schools.

Changing roles of faculty

A number of the staff will be taking on new positions in the fall. Steve Bober, who has been teaching seventh-grade language arts, will become the Literacy Specialist. Lynn Carmel will come back from maternity leave to resume teaching physical education. Donna Clapp, now the Literacy Specialist will be teaching sixth-grade language arts. Erin McAuley will move from sixth- to seventh-grade social studies. Jess Mihalchik will be returning from a leave of absence to teach sixth-grade special education. Angela Monke will return to teaching music. Kim Reid will be returning from a leave of absence as a school psychologist and guidance counselor. Sandy Walker will be teaching kindergarten next year instead of first grade.

New faculty

In addition to the two new co-principals, several other positions have been filled. Brad Cranston will be teaching seventh grade science. He has a B.S. from University of Massachusetts Boston and a Masters in Education from Lesley College. Cheryl Hay will be teaching seventh grade language arts. She has a B.A. from the Univerisity of Massachusetts Amherst and expects to graduate with a Masters from Fitchburg State in June. Deana Saada will be the new band director. She has a B.A. from Ithaca College and is completing a Masters in Education from the same college this summer.

Retiring teachers

Four teachers are retiring this June: Sara Bysshe, who has been a seventh- grade science teacher in Carlisle for ten years, Phil LaPalme, who has been a physical education teacher for 25 years, Tom O'Halloran, music and band director for 23 years and Carolyn Platt, who has been a sixth-grade language arts teacher for 20 years.

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