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Friday, May 19, 2006


Kay Woodward is recovering well from her second knee operation, moving gingerly but steadily through the rooms of her warm, comfortable South Street home as she shows a visitor her memorabilia of a life centered on family, music and community. She is tall, elegant and a gracious hostess. Our conversation begins and ends with her grandchildren — she has ...more

They wore red, white and blue clothing and straw hats. They played tuba, trumpet, clarinet and sax. Their stage was a flat-bed truck in the summer and the Town Green in the winter. Who were they? The Carlisle Cats, of course. ...more

Spend five minutes talking to Noredin Morgan and you realize he has been capturing people all his life: first as friends and then as artistic subjects. He gives new meaning to the phrase "mixed media." Born, raised, and educated in Cairo, Egypt, the technically educated and cultured Morgan shares engaging anecdotes about his journey through life ...more

It was two weeks ago today, before all the rain, when Marty Schafer of Acton Street heard a huge buzzing up in the pine trees at about 8:30 a.m. He saw a lot of insects flying around in a rather disorganized way and remembered hearing about honey bee swarms in his childhood but had never seen one. He knew that if it was a swarm, the bees would be congregating ...more

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