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Friday, May 19, 2006


Heavy rains swamp region

The past week may have felt like 40 days and 40 nights, but the Carlisle Fire Department, Police Department and DPW say business has been pretty much as usual during the rain. The DPW has used cones and/or yellow tape to mark some areas of local flooding at North Road and Lowell Street, at the canoe launch and on North Road. (See photos on pages 1 and 4.)

One reason Carlisle did not have to think about an ark was that the DPW recently repaired the culverts on Maple Street and North Road. Both sites have water now, but it is flowing where it should flow and the roadway is clear as the Mosquito goes to press.The Fire Department has had a few basement pump-outs, and most residents have heard the lovely sound of a sump pump doing its intended work, grateful for no power outage, an event that would have plunged a lot of families into an ark scenario.

The weather station reports the Billerica/Westford area received 0.25 inches of rain Friday, May 12; 2.67 inches on Saturday, the 13th; 1.94 inches on Sunday, the 14th; 0.20 inches on Monday, May 16; and 0.25 inches on Tuesday, May 17. Scott McLachlan, Gleason Library reference librarian, helped the Mosquito obtain this data. See graph below.

The rain has increased the breeding ground for mosquitos, and when it is all over, it would probably be a good idea to check and empty any containers with water in them.

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