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Friday, May 19, 2006


RSC nixes cell towers on high school grounds, for now

Three bids to build a cell tower on Concord-Carlisle Regional School District land were reviewed and rejected at the Regional School Committee (RSC) May 9 meeting.

High school expansion plans presented one major difficulty, because none of the bidders would agree to foot the cost if the tower had to be relocated as a result of a future school building project. The RSC is considering replacing the aging high school buildings sometime in the next few years.

The bids projected $30,000 of revenue a year, and there was an understanding that this would be split 50/50 between the school district and the town of Concord.The contracts stipulated a review every five years, with the option to end the contract at that time. The tower would have had a 60- by-60-foot base and the pole would have been 120 feet high. Director of Operations and Finance John Flaherty estimated it might cost up to $100,000 to move the tower.

RSC member Jan McGinn said, "I expected more profits. With parental and abutters' concerns, it just doesn't make it worthwhile." Concern was voiced that abutters might put a cell tower up in their backyard, close to CCHS. The RSC also wondered whether placement could jeopardize where a new high school building could be built. McGinn said, "We should be talking to the Zoning Board ahead of time. We want a 1,000' foot setback from the RSD [Regional School District] boundary."

RSC member Becky Shannon said, "A cell tower should be located at the landfill, not on people's backyards or near schools."

Other business

Carlisle representative Michael Fitzgerald was voted the next chair of the RSC. The RSC consists of two representatives from Carlisle's School Committee and five from Concord. Carlisle's other representative, Nicole Burkel is ending her tour on the RSC and was thanked for her work. Carlisle's School Committee will select a replacement.

The RSC approved the following exchange students' requests to study at CCHS next year: Camilla Manca, from Italy, will be an American Friends Service (AFS) student as a senior. Kuo Ping Fu ("Tony"), from Paraguay, will be an AFS student as a junior. Giovanna Scocco, from Italy, is sponsored by World Heritage and will be a senior at CCHS.

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